If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"Dear Dr. Williams and Staff,
Thank you for displaying the most excellent level professionalism and genuine hospitality. The treatment was truly more pleasant than I could have ever imagined. During each office visit I was warmly welcomed, treated gently, and kindly. The accomplishment of my treatment was far more than I had hoped for. When I came to your office I had already been to three other orthodontists. Their treatment plans consisted of pulling numerous teeth, wearing braces for two years followed by jaw surgery and braces again. With a cross bite, an under bite, and huge open bite I had no hope of my teeth properly aligned without surgery. With hope of just achieving straight teeth, hopeless of ever having my front teeth actually touch I was prepared to ask for just half the treatment...braces without surgery. You were confident that not only could you straighten my teeth but align them...WITHOUT SURGERY!I was sold. The outcome is awesome! I am thankful for the accomplishment, attention to deta! il, short amount of time, and also the kindness. I am amazed at the skill, competence, and character received from the members of a highly trained profession."

         -Your Patient and Friend, Amy A

"Dr. Williams does not move teeth. He sculpts faces by harnessing natural bone growth and directing its trajectory toward full facial development."
          Neal c. Murphy, DDS, MS
          Lecturer, UCLA School of Dentistry
          Founder, UCLA Orthodontic Study Club

"I would like to Thank you and your staff for everything you have done for me over the past several years, I’m sure you remember my dramatic case. As an adult I knew I needed to do something about my smile, so I was referred by my dentist to consult with Dr. Williams. I thought there would be no way to correct my smile that I had lived with for all my life, but after sitting down with you and seeing what the possibilities were, I became excited. I started treatment in 2000 at the age of 26. It was a rough journey, but well worth it. I got my braces off August 23, 2005 a few days before Hurricane Katrina (a day nobody will ever forget). I feel better about my smile every day I look in the mirror or when someone complements me on my smile. Thanks again for making beautiful SMILE
           -Deana N.

“We are indebted to you for changing our orthodontic lives.. Our treatment results are phenomenal. 
           -Drs. Stephen & Brian Bosonac

“Your treatment methods blew me away with what you are accomplishing on some very difficult cases.” 
           -Dr. Jim Powers

“I have been using your appliances and have been receiving outstanding results. Every day you delay in spreading the word is a loss for the profession.”
            -Dr. Gary Roebuck

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