Meet Dr. Michael Williams

“Every subject begins as a philosophy, goes through science, and ends as art.” 

Dr. Michael Williams is not only an inventive scientist; he is truly a practicing artist in his chosen field of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.

Dr. Williams is a native of Gulfport, having graduated from the Gulfport public school system and Gulfport East High School in 1968. He completed his pre-dental education at the University of the South (Sewanee), from which he graduated cum laude in 1972. Dr. Williams received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in 1976, was awarded a U.S. Public Health scholarship, and worked for the U.S. Indian Health Service from 1976 to 1978.

Dr. Williams received his certificate in orthodontics from the University of California at Los Angeles and has been in private practice in his hometown of Gulfport since his graduation in 1980.

Dr. Williams is a member of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists, and is a fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontists. He has served as a past president of the Fifth District Dental Association and the Greater Gulfport Dental Society. Dr. Williams was elected to serve as the Delegate for the State of Mississippi to the House of Delegates for the American Association of Orthodontists.

In the dental community, Dr. Williams served on the MPAC Committee for the Mississippi Dental Association and as the civilian consultant to Keesler Air Force Base for TMJ Disorders. He has also served on the Memorial Hospital Sleep Disorders team for obstructive sleep apnea.

Dr. Williams has delivered numerous presentations to various dental associations on a wide variety of subjects, from airway obstruction disease and abnormal craniofacial development to his latest developments for dentofacial orthopedics and non-extraction orthodontic treatment. He was a featured speaker at the AAO meeting in 1999 in San Diego and in 2006 in Las Vegas on the topic of clinical advances in orthodontics.

Dr. Williams has been a featured speaker to the American Association of Functional Orthodontics and the American Orthodontic Society. The University of California-Los Angeles, St. Louis University, the University of Pennsylvania Department of Orthodontics, and Farleigh Dickenson University have sponsored his seminar. Dr. Williams was invited as a guest lecturer to Peking University in Beijing, China to share his revolutionary treatment techniques. He has also presented multiple table clinics and round table discussions at various orthodontic meetings, as well as fostered research on arch development and molar distalization with nickel titanium coil spring systems.

Dr. Williams holds ten U.S. patents and more than 20 foreign patents in the field of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. He is currently a world leader and pioneer in the development of dentofacial orthopedics as a substitute for orthognathic surgery.

He is now recognized at the international level: Dr. Williams recently lectured in Spain, Bolivia, the Ukraine, Russia, Manila, Finland, Malaysia, and Toronto. His techniques for success and advancement are reaching the far corners of the globe.

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