Series 2000 Appliances

Series 2000® Appliances by DynaFlex®

Dr. Michael Williams is known as a pioneer, inventor, and developer of appliances and techniques in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics for professional domestic and international orthodontic settings. The Series 2000 appliances featured below were all invented and designed by Dr. Williams for the purpose of reducing the need for extraction of teeth, and for the prevention of orthognathic surgery required for patients with severe skeletal imbalances.  


These designs have been patented in the United States and in foreign countries, where Dr. Williams travels to educate other doctors in his field on the breakthroughs for changing bone at any age.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Because of his dedication to his hometown community, Dr. Williams recognized the need for change required to reduce the number of teeth extracted for orthodontic goals. These designs were developed for application with growing children to guide skeletal development and allow for more harmonious delivery of tooth eruption.

In his search for treatment limitations, Dr. Williams was able to determine with the Series 2000 family of appliances that there is no orthopedic age barrier as demonstrated with other techniques. This gives him the ability, using these low-continuous-force designs, to deliver non-surgical alternatives to non-growing patients and adults.

No activations are required, and the development takes place naturally with a bio-compatible results.

The Series 2000 appliances simplify two-phase treatment at The Gulf Coast Center for Advanced Cosmetic Orthodontics, require no active adjustments, and result in shorter, fewer office visits at our Gulfport orthodontic offices.

Upper Arch Appliances


DMAX, or “Distalizing Maxillary Expander,” is a palatal expander and distalizer that is used in the upper jaw to create space in the mouth for proper tooth eruption and to move the upper molars back in the mouth. It is made from an acrylic plate that sits on the top of the mouth, metal loops that wrap around the teeth, and springs.



DMJ, or “Distalizing Molar Jig,” is designed to move the upper molars backward using a low, continuous, nickel-titanium force. It utilizes a telescopic rod-tube to assist in tooth movement and an acrylic Nance button for additional anchorage.






Lower Arch Appliances


MJX, or “Mandibular Jackscrew Expander,” is a lower-arch-developing appliance that helps to widen the arch while also lengthening it. After the midline jackscrew widens the arch, and the lingual nickel-titanium open-coil-spring rod-tube mechanisms move the molars back to gain arch length, elastic bands are used to move the rest of the teeth back and into their proper, uncrowded positions.


MSX, or “Mandibular Spring Expander,” uses light, continuous forces to correct lower-arch crowding of teeth. It is used along with brackets and wires to shorten treatment time. It is a totally spring-activated appliance that requires only recall observation visits.






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